SITE ARTIST Anna Marie Ā Harrington

Anna Marie Harrington | The Sunny Porch
June 5, 1994 to June 23, 2020

Anna Marie Harrington blossomed as a local artist in the Des Moines area in the last years of her life. She stood out with her hauntingly unique surrealist style as a creative genius.

Anna Marie also has many eclectic pieces which will be presented here online over the course of many years and exhibitions. Her works are mostly in charcoal and conte, but she also sold numerous paintings from 2015-2020.

Anna Marie’s own artist statement said, “Anna Harrington is a local surrealist diagnosed with schizophrenia specializing in Charcoal and Conte mixed media. She not only uses her art to self reflect, but also to bring mental health awareness to her audience while inspiring other artists with disabilities to use art as a way of communication and self therapy. She only hopes to bring her own mind to those who allow her: as she escapes the sometimes harsh realities of life and breaks down barriers of the known, into the unknown.”

Anna’s Works The Gray Collection

The Sienna Collection

Anna is the artist whose legacy is the foundation of The Sunny Porch. Like many Ā living with mental illness, the Covid 19 pandemic was a difficult time for Anna Marie. Read more about Ann’s story here. Her parents, Brian and Stephanie Harrington founded The Sunny Porch in her honor to help others living with mental illness and support their families.

Woman with Apple By Anna Harrington (c) 2019